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Multimedia Vision Art Agency specializes in audiovisual productions used for promotional and advertising purposes and designed both for television and the Internet as well as other forms of journalistic activity.

We organize the whole production process beginning with the concept, throughout realization and distribution, depending on the needs and expectations of our clients.

The company's owner has experience of 20 years as a journalist and producer in TVP (Polish Public Television) and has extensive knowledge of the media market.  That, in turn, guarantees a capacity to create a product of the highest quality and cooperate with the best specialists hired for particular tasks in the whole production process.

The Agency's new product is Travel and Business TV.  It is the first broadcasting tool which is designed for promotional and advertising purposes and is addressed to the world of business, tourism and the hospitality industry. The advantage of the tool is the quick speed at which information reaches the viewer.  The audiovisual form increases its appeal and allows for the depiction of the actual picture without involving one's own imagination  and the need to collect documentation in the field.  Thanks to that,  managers and event organizers will avoid disappointment when they choose a venue for a company dinner, conference or leisure.

The television will not constitute a catalogue of facilities which are widely available on numerous websites.  It will aim at becoming a lifestyle station able to shape the tastes of the viewers, showing attractive, trendy and prestigious locations.  The television's content will include information and reports on events which are important to the environment.

There will also be information about regional attractions: ancient monuments, unique restaurants,  castles,  country manors, palaces, golf courses, stud farms, spa & wellness centers, and a lot more information which will familiarize the viewers with particular regions and enable them to choose suitable venues for business meetings, conferences and leisure activities.

A service which is both attractive and needed by our clients is the possibility of live broadcasts of any event, conference or seminar.  The TV P&B portal will make it possible to watch a live report on part of or the whole event and chat online with the participants of the event, who would otherwise be difficult to get in touch with.  Moreover,  the chat enables its users to establish personal or business contacts.

A direct broadcast of an event will increase its importance and contribute to a bigger number of viewers. The broadcast will remain on the website and those interested in the material will be able to watch it at any time.  The script of the broadcast will be prepared individually in relation to the  needs and expectations of the Organizer.  It is also possible to arrange for a broadcast on a website indicated by the Client, as well as a coded broadcast designed only for a specific group of viewers.

Audiovisual transmission is more and more desirable and fashionable in the world of business and tourism and builds a company's prestige. It also helps to make a positive first impression on the client and encourage the client to use a service.  Moreover, it has a high added value – it builds a direct relationship between You and your clients.  Thanks to a topical portal,  target groups are clearly defined.

The prices of the services are as diverse  as the art of visual transmission.  The prices depend on the effect we want to achieve and the technical and creative material we intend to use. Each commissioned project is tailored to the specific needs.

That is why we recommend individual price negotiations. Depending on   the particular order we prepare a concrete offer, adapted both to the requirements and the budget your company is able to allocate for the project.

When we realize audiovisual material of promotional-advertising character, which falls within the subject area of TV P&B, a broadcast in a shortened version of 3-5 minutes for the first 8 months is free of charge.

For the first 8 months of the portal's activity we insert advertising and other kinds of material free of charge if the material was realized specifically for the  portal. We only collect a fee to cover the costs of making the material – that is included in the above-mentioned price offer.

We would like to interest bigger companies with the institution of patronage. It is an interesting form of promotion through the building of the friendly image of a Patron Company on the portal.

Tourism and Business Television is a modern marketing tool which will enable You to build a positive image of Your company. - Serwis Finansowy nr 1
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